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Introducing Bren Murphy, personal coach at The Life Coach - a progressive boutique agency offering positive psychology and mindset transformation.

Life coaching is a way to get unstuck and beat the overwhelm that can block life progress.  As a part of the diverse opportunities available in 2016 - people are increasingly seeking answers to their own questions of meaning and fulfillment.

Bren Murphy founded Kindness Australia - a non-profit start-up with a focus on bringing action to kindness in everyday life.

Bren Murphy is the Principal Designer at Organic Digital Agency - a boutique wordpress consultancy.

Read the Bren Murphy blog for candid updates and information.

Christmas Hampers 2015 Australia

Merry Christmas 2015!

Christmas Hampers Australia free delivery 2015
Christmas Celebrations will kick off around the world for Christmas 2015.  What a great time to share a Christmas Gift from Hunter Valley Hampers.

In Australia. we celebrate Christmas on December 25 in 2015, which falls on a Friday.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, which is part of the Christmas story of the boy being born in a stable in Bethlehem.

Christmas was first celebrated around 335AD - and has been long associated with the winter solstice of northern Europe - where the shortest, darkest day and longest night of the year fell.

Christmas is from one of the pagan rituals of Saturnalia or the Greek Halcyon Days.  It is a time of celebration and an acceptance of the change of the season and of life.

Christmas Traditions like the adorned tree and hanging of mistletoe become part of the whole tradition as time evolved.  In Australia we have our own Christmas Plants to build traditions around like the Christmas Bush and Christmas Bells.

In Australia - Christmas is significantly impacted by the heat and summer and this means the white Christmas of northern tradition is not as relevant.  In Australia we celebrate sporting traditions at Christmas like the Boxing Day Test Cricket  and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Even the most simple things like having a large hot meal for Christmas lunch are not really relevant as the long hot summer day means that eating a smaller meal and perhaps being outdoors is more appropriate.

But one of the most successful traditions that still applies means that Christmas Hampers and Gift baskets are still as relevant as ever.  You can even send a delicious Fruit basket also. -

Go on - enjoy yourself!

Food and Wine Hampers

Food and Wine Matching



When you are looking
for quick delivery and the ability to buy online - it is all about choosing a great local Australian hamper company.  Sometimes you could look at a fruit basket or a gift hamper as a way to deliver a gourmet meal to your home.  You can include a rare bottle of wine, from vintages from vineyards all over the Hunter Valley. 

Or, you might like to add chocolate or quality bath and body products - other people can't go past the gift ideas of condiments like jams and chutney.  For some reason it is always OK to give old people chutney - they just look at it and smile, put it at the back of the pantry and when it passes use by date, quietly chuck it in the bin and recycle the nice jar.

Australian Wine and Food

Fruit Hamper with a box of chocolates
Chocolates and Fruit Gift Hamper


The whole idea about doing something to share Australia wine and food is that you are supporting a local Australian company and giving a wonderful opportunity for small producers to share their products.  

Personalized Corporate Gift Baskets are especially popular when you consider the amount of time and effort that goes into making these products.  Things like handmade jam, spices, grinds, honey and relish are all very time consuming to make and even finding the right recipe is something not easy even for the gift basket professional.,

Food and Wine Festival


The Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival is a month celebration of all that is to be adored in the beautiful Hunter Valley.  From the delicious handmade chocolates to the simply to die for pate, cheeses and condiments - you will find so many reasons to get out and about across the Hunter for the festival in 2015.

The Gourmet Basket Australia


Cookies in a bag with fruit basket
Fruit Basket with Cookies
The most popular gift baskets are gift hampers by far - these make up a large part of our corporate orders and businesses like to send them as business to business or b2b gifts.  As a referral gift, a gift basket or fruit hamper is simply adorable for the recipient - imagine the sheer delight of taking a knock at the door and you find that you have a beautiful fresh fruit basket waiting for your free delivery.

Basket Gifts


For the ultimate hampers, there are some real insider tips to share.  The first thing is to make sure you are getting Australian local produce - there is nothing as galling as finding you have paid a premium price for a bundle of old stock that has been shipped halfway around the world.  For this simple reason - budget and affordable hampers are really a bit of an oxymoron.  Stay true to yourself and follow your dreams and share only the best local Aussie food and wine.

Send a Hamper


The most extensive ranges of high end premium hampers are available from reputable companies like Hunter Valley Hampers - which offers brilliant service for both gourmet hampers and fruit baskets.  You might also try - new to the scene - these local lads have brought all the chutzpah and entrepreneurial zing that you would expect from a couple of twenty-something gays.  It is something we all love to see - people really connecting with what they do and finding a state of flow making a meaningful difference in the world.

Gourmet Gift Hampers


When we had to send a gift to a bigwig from head office, we thought it would be nice to actually go out for dinner with him and the team and really relish the moment.  But then, we had a reality check and remembered just how much of a pompous twit he actually was - and how we simply could not tolerate spending hours in his company - no matter how expensive the restaurant. 

So we did the next best thing - sent him a glorious masterpiece hamper from the Hunter Valley and we ticked all the boxes.  Thanks given and we didn't have to spend an evening with him leering at my girlfriend or breathing his toxic breath in my direction.

Gourmet Baskets


2014 Best Blogs - Cupcake Recipes Australia

Every year we do a round up of the most popular blog posts from the past twelve months and feature the best of list in an article.  This is it!  Welcome to the best 2014 blog posts from Australian Cupcake recipes!

1 - Australian Hampers Fresh Bananas

As a strong structural component of a fruit basket, bananas make a great staple ingredient and add colour and textural variety to each fruit hamper. 

We love putting bananas in a hamper as they hold the whole display together and are a great eating fruit for people who have tooth/dietary restrictions. 

In Australia, bananas come under the three main types, even though there are hundreds of varieties in all types of colours and sizes.  The three main varieties are Cavendish, Lady Finger and Plaintain and these are the types you are likely to encounter at your local fruit and vegetable markets.

Cavendish – these are the typical bananas you eat everyday – these are the bananas you are most likely to encounter in a Hunter Valley Hampers Fruit Basket.
Lady Finger – a small, squat banana with a lemony flavour – makes great school lunchbox filler although can be a tad more expensive than your cavendish.

2 - Recommended Fruit Baskets in Sydney

Getting a Fruit Basket Delivered in #Sydney is simple once you know a bit about Fruit Baskets and Fruit #Hampers. 

The #quality of the fruit is the most important thing when you are talking #fruit hampers in Sydney.

Next, you should be concerned about the #quantity of the fruit - as in how much you are actually getting in your fruit #hamper. 

3 -  Fruit Basket Recipes - Make Your Own

Featuring the finest reviews and resources from original and innovative award winning articles, this months round up of the very best of the internet in connection with picnic basket and fruit bouquet suggestions features an article on fruit lowering your wellness risks, the strength of freezing reducing fresh fruit spoilage and some handy tips on preserving and keeping your fresh fruit over summertime.

Free Shipping Fruit Baskets

One of the most potent ideas for edible bouquets is distributing hampers for men when they are sick or ill or during a healthcare facility break. We create so many gift baskets for delivery to hospital for every event and particularly when customers are searching for a flower alternative.

4 - Fruit Hampers Info

When you want to send a Fruit Hamper or Fruit Basket, there are three things you need to keep in mind.  Making sure you are getting value for money, getting a generous fruit arrangement, and being able to rely on an experienced designer to create you fruit hamper. 

Importantly, it is not about the sheer convenience of using a local florist - there is a distinct difference between a florists' effort and the generous market fresh of a true fruit hamper specialist.

 Getting Value for Money

Fruit Hampers Info offers a simple pricing schedule of $59 small, $79 large and $99 Grande.  Most times you will be satisfied with a small, as it is generous enough for a couple of people to have a few serves of fruit over the week.

For a bigger impact, go Grande and share the benefits of larger fruits, more diversity and seasonal gems as they are available.  Be aware that a florists' idea of a fruit basket - and the small size of counted fruit pieces - like eight pieces of fruit in an edible arrangement for $80.

Thank you for staying in touch with this blog - we are truly grateful for all the awards and recognition we have achieved - as well as promoting the power and success of Australian Cupcakery more widely.  Go on Australia - get out there and bake!

Fruit Basket Recipes - Make Your Own

christening gifts
Christening Gifts
Featuring the finest reviews and resources from original and innovative award winning articles, this months round up of the very best of the internet in connection with picnic basket and fruit bouquet suggestions features an article on fruit lowering your wellness risks, the strength of freezing reducing fresh fruit spoilage and some handy tips on preserving and keeping your fresh fruit over summertime. 

Free Shipping Fruit Baskets

One of the most potent ideas for edible bouquets is distributing hampers for men when they are sick or ill or during a healthcare facility break. We create so many gift baskets fro delivery to hospital for every event and particularly when customers are searching for a flower alternative.

Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death and disability in Australia in 2014. Each year, around 65,000 people suffer from congestive heart failure and 13,000 sustain a stroke. However a brand new study finds that the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease could be decreased by up to 40 %, simply by consuming fresh fruit every day.

I know this may not be news to many of anyone, but it merely highlights the power of the fruit basket and fresh birthday gifts whenever you wish to send healthy gifts. It's not a big deal to send baby gift baskets made of fresh fruit to celebrate the arrival of a newborn - or in the very same breath to share your condolences and sympathy when a friend passes away.

Hampers for Men

The fresh fruit basket research team, led by Dr. Guaidonk Duko from the College of Oxbridge in the UK, recently offered their findings at the International Community of Cardiology Congress 2014. The fidings were definite in favor of edible bouquets and get well soon gifts being made of fresh fruits and that eating and sharing healthy gifts makes a big difference in manifesting good lifestyles.

The outcomes of their send a basket of fruit research study came from an analysis of 351,992 people from five rural and five urban areas of Asia who were a part of the China Chinoodir Biobank - a study set up to investigate genetic and environmental causes of chronic illness. It showed that fruit has an impressive effect of restoring gift choices less difficult.

Dr. Duker notes that several studies have indicated that improvements in diet and lifestyle, like sharing a free shipping fruit hamper are critical to minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). But she reveals that most of these research studies have originated from Western countries, with very few from China. In China giving gift baskets and chocolate covered strawberries as thank you gifts is common.

picnic basket
picnic basket

Get Well Soon Gifts

"China has a different pattern of CVD," explains Dr. Dupre, "with stroke as the main trigger compared to Western countries where ischemic heart illness is more widespread. Previous studies have integrated ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, probably due to the minimal number of stroke instances in their data sets.".

She adds that provided the difference in risk factors and physiology between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, the group was particularly curious about how fruit ingestion influenced the risk of these stroke subtypes.
The more fruit consumed daily, the lower the risk of CVD - specifically when combined with the prosperous and generous giving quality of fruit basket delivery Sydney. Truffles and chocolate bouquets may not inspire in you among the most healthy state of mind - but when stabilized with edible arrangements and thank you gifts, they perform.

At the start of the study, the scientists asked the attendees exactly how much fresh fruit they ingested. Fruit eating was broken down into 5 categories: never, monthly, 1-3 days a week, 4-6 days a week or so as well as everyday.

gift hampers and hampers for men
gift hampers and hampers for men

Personalised Baby Gifts

The research showed that devouring more fruit triggered lower levels of disease and more popularized feelings of wellness and well being. Get well gifts and fruit basket delivery is not just out the gift box - it's also about the pamper hamper, the get well soon gifts and the hampers for men.

While we recommend sending fresh fruit same day for delivery, fruit basket delivery Sydney is still not possible without having chilling and cool room storing. When trying to find thank you gifts and chocolate fruit baskets keep in mind the systems used for free shipping and same day delivery.

A giant English superstore chain is spending $23 million to accelerate its fresh produce quantity with a multi-store operation to enhance chilling systems, while also forming its production and logistics sites. This helps supply Christmas hampers and gifts for delivery across the UK.

Get Well Soon Gifts
Get Well Soon Gifts

Fruits Basket

A spokesperson mentioned to the financial investment formed part of the merchants three-point plan; speeding up, prioritizing and chilling out fresh fruit for fantastic edible arrangements.

The main aim is to lengthen the shelf life of fresh fruit for gift baskets and vegetables by maintaining them cool for longer, and reducing waste in the process. The spokesperson declared that for every hour a product was un-chilled, it shed eight hours of life in the home - this is actually essential when you think of birthday gifts for delivery.

The next fruit I freeze on a routine basis is bananas. I get them weekly for the relatives. Sometimes they eat all of them very quickly and occasionally not at all. When the bananas start to get the dark spots, I don't like them.

Baby Hampers Sydney

This is specifically crucial when you're sending a basket for delivery. So, just as they are, peeling and all, in the fridge they go. Bear in mind they will turn black in the fridge freezer but it's only the peeling that changes color. The inside is still ideal. The bananas thaw out quickly. But remember when they thaw, they aren't solid but are great for banana bread and smoothies.

Strawberries are very easy to prep and freeze. I just rinse, pluck the, stalk, cut and drop right into the freezer bag. It's a quick and straightforward method. Now I have strawberries ready at any time for smoothies or strawberry pretzel salad when requested. Strawberries are a perfect gift box addition to make your pamper hamper look ideal.

Apples are a varied story for myself. I often tend not to chill them raw. I don't like exactly how quickly these guys turn brown. I understand lemon juice will certainly keep them from turning brown, but, in my point of view, they still turn color. I prefer to prepare them first, then freeze them in my freezer bags. Take some of the numerous fruits in your picnic basket and freeze them.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

It gets a bit longer in order to prep and stew them, but it deserves it to have the far better apple flavor and to keep a good coloration. This pre-cooking method will save time later when you fix an apple pie or cobbler. The pieces of fruit only have to thawed out and added to the recipe.

One more easy fruit is grapes. Simply rinse and pop them in the freezer. Now you get a terrific treat and organic sweetener for smoothies and also a terrific way to keep your white wine refrigerated without diluting it. Every single fruit hamper has grapes and they are so simple to eat as a snack.

What method do you use to freeze fresh fruit that you have received in a fruit gift basket? My preferred is peaches. I love to open the fridge and see a bag of peaches ready to use. They taste so much more desirable fresh than from a can. It is the small things that make us gratified.

Sending baby hampers and baby gift baskets is fresh fruit and the selections of fruit you get in the basket. Baby shower gift ideas are just perfect occasions for sharing a fruit hamper. Keeping in mind how strongly healthy and fresh fruit is - you find yourself in the right place for sending a great fruit basket for delivery.