Creating a Gourmet Gift Basket

Here's our secret list of hints and tips to create a memorable gourmet hamper to thrill your friends and impress them with your savvy knowledge of what makes a difference when putting together a gift basket.

First things first - get a decent basket, container or hamper to put everything in.

Find Your Gift Basket

Now you can get creative here, but remember, we want to convey that it is a gift basket - not a jumble of unconnected items you rummaged out of the bottom drawer.  So go for classic, tried and true wicker baskets.  You can usually buy these at your local five and dime or two dollar shops - but be warned they are expensive and sometimes they are a bit small.

Collect Your Inclusions

Once you have a fair idea of what you are putting in, you can go ahead and start collecting items to arrange artfully inside your hamper.  I always try for seven eight or nine items, but always of different shapes, sizes and packaging so it doesn't look too same/same if you know what I mean.

Build Your Basket

Start with the larger items at the back as support.  Use some sticking tape for support at this stage so it doesn't collapse in on itself.  Then, when you have a back wall, start in-filling the rest of the hamper with the smaller items, again being mindful of texture, colours and appearance generally.  People want to feel as though it all just works together. 

Good Luck and let us know in the comments section how you are going - after all we all want you to succeed!

Gourmet Gift Hampers