Christmas Hampers 2015 Australia

Merry Christmas 2015!

Christmas Hampers Australia free delivery 2015
Christmas Celebrations will kick off around the world for Christmas 2015.  What a great time to share a Christmas Gift from Hunter Valley Hampers.

In Australia. we celebrate Christmas on December 25 in 2015, which falls on a Friday.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, which is part of the Christmas story of the boy being born in a stable in Bethlehem.

Christmas was first celebrated around 335AD - and has been long associated with the winter solstice of northern Europe - where the shortest, darkest day and longest night of the year fell.

Christmas is from one of the pagan rituals of Saturnalia or the Greek Halcyon Days.  It is a time of celebration and an acceptance of the change of the season and of life.

Christmas Traditions like the adorned tree and hanging of mistletoe become part of the whole tradition as time evolved.  In Australia we have our own Christmas Plants to build traditions around like the Christmas Bush and Christmas Bells.

In Australia - Christmas is significantly impacted by the heat and summer and this means the white Christmas of northern tradition is not as relevant.  In Australia we celebrate sporting traditions at Christmas like the Boxing Day Test Cricket  and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Even the most simple things like having a large hot meal for Christmas lunch are not really relevant as the long hot summer day means that eating a smaller meal and perhaps being outdoors is more appropriate.

But one of the most successful traditions that still applies means that Christmas Hampers and Gift baskets are still as relevant as ever.  You can even send a delicious Fruit basket also. -

Go on - enjoy yourself!

Food and Wine Hampers

Food and Wine Matching



When you are looking
for quick delivery and the ability to buy online - it is all about choosing a great local Australian hamper company.  Sometimes you could look at a fruit basket or a gift hamper as a way to deliver a gourmet meal to your home.  You can include a rare bottle of wine, from vintages from vineyards all over the Hunter Valley. 

Or, you might like to add chocolate or quality bath and body products - other people can't go past the gift ideas of condiments like jams and chutney.  For some reason it is always OK to give old people chutney - they just look at it and smile, put it at the back of the pantry and when it passes use by date, quietly chuck it in the bin and recycle the nice jar.

Australian Wine and Food

Fruit Hamper with a box of chocolates
Chocolates and Fruit Gift Hamper


The whole idea about doing something to share Australia wine and food is that you are supporting a local Australian company and giving a wonderful opportunity for small producers to share their products.  

Personalized Corporate Gift Baskets are especially popular when you consider the amount of time and effort that goes into making these products.  Things like handmade jam, spices, grinds, honey and relish are all very time consuming to make and even finding the right recipe is something not easy even for the gift basket professional.,

Food and Wine Festival


The Hunter Valley Food and Wine Festival is a month celebration of all that is to be adored in the beautiful Hunter Valley.  From the delicious handmade chocolates to the simply to die for pate, cheeses and condiments - you will find so many reasons to get out and about across the Hunter for the festival in 2015.

The Gourmet Basket Australia


Cookies in a bag with fruit basket
Fruit Basket with Cookies
The most popular gift baskets are gift hampers by far - these make up a large part of our corporate orders and businesses like to send them as business to business or b2b gifts.  As a referral gift, a gift basket or fruit hamper is simply adorable for the recipient - imagine the sheer delight of taking a knock at the door and you find that you have a beautiful fresh fruit basket waiting for your free delivery.

Basket Gifts


For the ultimate hampers, there are some real insider tips to share.  The first thing is to make sure you are getting Australian local produce - there is nothing as galling as finding you have paid a premium price for a bundle of old stock that has been shipped halfway around the world.  For this simple reason - budget and affordable hampers are really a bit of an oxymoron.  Stay true to yourself and follow your dreams and share only the best local Aussie food and wine.

Send a Hamper


The most extensive ranges of high end premium hampers are available from reputable companies like Hunter Valley Hampers - which offers brilliant service for both gourmet hampers and fruit baskets.  You might also try - new to the scene - these local lads have brought all the chutzpah and entrepreneurial zing that you would expect from a couple of twenty-something gays.  It is something we all love to see - people really connecting with what they do and finding a state of flow making a meaningful difference in the world.

Gourmet Gift Hampers


When we had to send a gift to a bigwig from head office, we thought it would be nice to actually go out for dinner with him and the team and really relish the moment.  But then, we had a reality check and remembered just how much of a pompous twit he actually was - and how we simply could not tolerate spending hours in his company - no matter how expensive the restaurant. 

So we did the next best thing - sent him a glorious masterpiece hamper from the Hunter Valley and we ticked all the boxes.  Thanks given and we didn't have to spend an evening with him leering at my girlfriend or breathing his toxic breath in my direction.

Gourmet Baskets