Christmas Cupcakes Gift Ideas

Looking for some festive treats to share with your family and children for Christmas 2013 with sweet cute cupcakes?  Here's some of our best finds and hints and tips to get you started on making this Seasons Greetings one of the most memorable and enjoyable for your family and friends.

Choose Christmas Theme Cupcakes

From the rich luxury of Profiterole Cupcakes to the light-hearted fun of Snowman Cupcakes, there is something for everyone this year and in the adorable format of cupcakes you simply can't go wrong.

Creative Twist Cupcakes

Martha Stewart takes us all on a veritable journey into downtown Christmasville when she combines the crunchy snap of waffle cones with the delicate snowiness of frosting to create her version of a snow encrusted Christmas Tree Cupcake.

Whatever you choose, please drive carefully and make sure to keep your cupcakes out of the sun so they don't melt.  Eat plenty of Fruit and drink plenty of fresh cold water too.  And best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Christmas Cupcake Ideas 2013

trio of Christmas Tree cupcakes with fondant and gold stars
Little Christmas Tree cupcakes with mini presents make
such an adorable and cute addition to any Christmas Table Setting Spectacular

fondant creation of Mary and Joseph standing by the boychild Jesus
Away in a Manger - btw what is a manger anyway?  But seriously, this fondant creation is simply evocative of the real reason behind Christmas, something about a little boy being born in the Middle East.

four cupcakes made in Australia with a Christmas Theme
Loving the dark rich moistness of the chocolate cake base on these cupcakes as well as the simple fun and movement of the twirled Christmas Tree.  5 Stars, highly recommended.
If you know how to manipulate fondant, you are well on your way to designing the best ever Christmas Cupcakes for 2013.

Christmas Day Countdown

The Future belongs to those who plan, a famous woman once mused as she prepared a week out for Christmas Dinner.  And one of the keys to success is careful and well thought out organisation which can give your big day and seamless flow from morning to evening on Christmas Day.  To save you time and worry we have compiled a schedule to act as a guide leading up to Christmas so you are never overwhelmed or feel as though the whole thing is getting beyond you.

12 months in advance?

It may sound completely crazy and beyond the scope of this article, but you can save money and feel super organized by having a look at the post Christmas Sales and making some critical purchases a year ahead.  Think long expiry and ease of storage, so you most likely will be looking outside of food and beverage items and more towards styling and design elements.

Best Selling Australian Cupcakes 2013

Best sellers with good storage life are for example wrapping paper, cards and decorations – and if you can keep the original packaging intact all the better for long term safe keeping.  Be mindful that just buying up everything without an overall style in mind can be hazardous – try to keep you theme to two complimentary colours and stick to this.  It is easier on the eye and makes adding to your presentation simply a matter of finding matching colours.