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The Value Of Markets Directory

At The Australian Markets Directory, we have collected the attention of a vast group of people with similar interests, beliefs and experiences – that being Local Markets.  And as a focal point for these many businesses, markets organisers and enthusiasts, we are able to offer a unique selling proposition – having the industry as a whole at your fingertips.

Now we have the attention and focus of the Australian Markets Community, it is important to channel that value into the best proposition for new and existing member of the directory.  And we do this by offering a direct connection between your individual concern and the wider markets community. 

After we have assessed your application and where applicable, edited your submission to meet our strict quality control guidelines, you will be granted a listing in the directory.  This opens up great opportunities for your brand and with the consistent online promotion of the Directory, increased exposure to traffic and potential business arrangements.

It is critical that whislt we value so highly the attention and participation of the markets community, we do not go too far with cross promotion or advertising of content that is not directly related to the specific niche.  So you won’t see ads for locksmith North Carolina or Real Estate Vancouver.  Just real world listings of local real world business and markets and stallholders.