Diversifying Your Online Presence

1.  Have you got a web presence already?  You might have a blog or a Facebook page – that is great, and can be a launching pad for an online store with ecommerce functionality.  If you don’t have a web presence, get started today by going over to blogspot.com and registering a blog in your niche.  It’s relatively straightforward and there are a multitude of tools, tutorials and support forums available to help.

2.  Once you have any sort of web presence, fill out your landing page with relevant content – that means get busy writing a meaningful and honest About Us page for starters.  This way, potential customers can see what you’re all about and tell where your passion and enthusiasm for your niche shows.  Include images, video, testimonials – anything that relates to your market stall and what you are about.  This gives the search engines something to find when people go searching for your brand online.