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PRESS_RELEASE-SEPT-2013; Gourmet Hampers Australia announces a double celebration - the 25th Anniversary of Hunter Valley Hampers and the launch of the latest incarnation of the website.

Kacy, owner operator of the successful franchise, expressed her pride and satisfaction at having come out of the GFC unscathed and still supporting a valued core of loyal clientele.

"It's really amazing how well people identify with the Hunter Valley Hampers brand." she said, cradling the youngest of her three daughters, "We never thought this business would be so resilient and teach us so much about not only business, but life as well."

For more on the story behind Hunter Valley Hampers, call 1300 284 684.

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  1. "Learning about life and business are two things I will never tire of" said the grasshopper to the zen master...

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